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Kimi by Ludy: Great Britain 2019 - Day 3

Beijinhos, Ludy


Kimi 🎙 "To be honest that was not what we were hoping for, but we didn’t have an awful lot more speed unfortunately. Everyone asks if the free tyre choice is an advantage – how do I know? We’ll see tomorrow.” 🤷‍♂️ — Alfa Romeo Racing (@alfaromeoracing) 13 de julho de 2019Eu ainda acho que é uma boa opção ter a liberdade de escolher os pneus, ainda mais com as condições meio estranhas do clima em Silverstone este fim de semana. Mas veremos o que vai rolar amanhã.
Beijinhos, Ludy

Kimi by Ludy: Great Britain 2019 - Day 2

Beijinhos, Ludy

Crise de riso

Funniest press conference of all-time?! 😂#BritishGP 🇬🇧 — Formula 1 (@F1) 11 de julho de 2019 **

Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha... a risada do Lando é desafiadora, impossível não rir junto!

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Kimi by Ludy: Great Britain 2019 - Day 1

Beijinhos, Ludy

Momento especial para Kimi, a Alfa Romeo e a F1 no domingo

No domingo, Kimi vai liderar o Desfile de pilotos para a corrida em Silverstone, pilotando um Alfa Romeo 158 'Alfetta' do mesmo tipo que Giuseppe Farina usou quando venceu a primeira corrida na história do mundial de F1 em 1950, neste mesmo local e além disto ainda fez a pole position e a volta mais rápida, ou seja, hat trick.
Super bacana que Kimi será o piloto a ter este privilégio. Acho justo! 
Kimi Räikkönen & Martin Brundle checking out the Alfa Romeo 158 'Alfetta' today in Silverstone.

Kimi will drive it on sunday during drivers parade#Kimi7#BritishGP 🇬🇧 — Kimi Räikkönen Fans (@iceman7news) 11 de julho de 2019
At 12:30 on Sunday Kimi Raikkonen will lead the drivers' parade at the #BritishGP driving an Alfa Romeo 158 'Alfetta' of the type Giuseppe Farina used to win the first ever #F1 world championship race at the track in 1950, setting pole position and fastest lap on the way. — RaceFans (@ra…

De hoje

As cockpits go, this is far from the usual fare... 🚗 — Alfa Romeo Racing (@alfaromeoracing) 11 de julho de 2019
Stop, please! 🛑🙋🏻‍♀️ — Alfa Romeo Racing (@alfaromeoracing) 11 de julho de 2019
😎🛴#Kimi7#BritishGP 🇬🇧 — Kimi Räikkönen Fans (@iceman7news) 11 de julho de 2019
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Liberdade que não tem preço

Raikkonen says greater freedom Alfa Romeo give him is “priceless” 

Kimi Raikkonen says he is much happier at Alfa Romeo as he has fewer responsibilities besides driving the car. 

What they say 

Raikkonen was asked if he was happier after moving from Ferrari to Alfa Romeo: 

Obviously in the big picture we want to be faster and have better results. But if you take that away what [when it] comes to working it’s been very nice. 

There’s not [as] many people [as] let’s say Ferrari or other teams, [there] might be some places you lack a bit on that side. But that’s what I knew is a difference, that’s what makes a difference between big teams and smaller teams. 

Apart from that it’s given me more freedom to do what I want outside of racing. I don’t need to run all kind of promotions all the time. I appreciate that much more than maybe people even think about. For me my own time is priceless. It’s definitely been much better.


Mas é óbvio que a liberdade que Kimi tem na Alfa Rome…

Entrevista com o Iceman

Life and Style Magazine – July/August 2019
The last great driver  The legendary Finnish “Iceman” and his view on modern motorsport 
Kimi Räikkönen, star of the Carrera sponsored Alfa Romeo Racing team, is the latest representative of a lineage of endangered Formula 1 drivers. 

It hasn’t been a good weekend for Kimi Räikkönen. The Spanish Grand Prix was the first of this Formula 1 season in which the Finnish driver was outside the top ten positions and therefore, the points. It wasn’t the best news for him or his new team, Alfa Romeo Racing, and we had no idea how it might affect our interview. After all, it’s the Iceman we’re talking about. Arctic eyes, monosyllabic answers and an unalterable expression were the adjectives that preceded him. Expectations had never been the best. But to be honest, that only increased the excitement of being face to face with a legend of his size. With five Formula 1 teams under his belt between 2001 and 2019, from Sauber to McLaren, Ferrari, Lotus and back…

Eles ficam!

Carlos and Lando announce our 2020 driver line-up in the most Carlos and Lando way possible. 🤝😃

Read more ➡️ — McLaren (@McLarenF1) 9 de julho de 2019 **

Eles ficam!

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McLaren é o alvo

Alfa Romeo espera desafiar McLaren com novas atualizações
Chefe da equipe, Fred Vasseur espera ser o melhor dos times do meio do pelotão nas próximas corridas 
Depois de pontuar com os dois carros pela primeira vez na temporada de 2019 da Fórmula 1, a Alfa Romeo quer lidera o pelotão intermediário e deve conseguir fazer isso nas próximas corridas, com as atualizações que estão previstas no carro a partir do GP da Grã-Bretanha.
Essa é a visão do chefe da equipe. Frederic Vasseur. 
"Acho que demos um passo adiante nas últimas duas, três corridas. Temos que melhorar um pouco no ritmo para lutar com a McLaren, que é nosso próximo alvo", disse Vasseur, ao 
"Se você olhar nas últimas corridas, eles estavam à frente, mas temos boas atualizações prestes a sair. Certamente precisamos evoluir para lutar com eles nas corridas. Nós temos um pacote para Silverstone, Alemanha e Hungria", completou. 
A Alfa Romeo é a sexta no Mundial de Construtores com 22 pontos, 30 a …

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