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Räikkönen de volta ao rali...o sobrinho

RÄIKKÖNEN TO CONTEST RALLY FINLAND IN A PEUGEOT JUSTUS RÄIKKÖNEN, NEPHEW OF F1 CHAMPION KIMI, IS MAKING HIS WRC DEBUT ON HOME SOIL  Jyväskylä has seen its fair share of drama down the years, but the 2009 Rally Finland was probably one occasion when it was more something of a soap opera.  The reason was all about the man they called Ice. The Iceman cometh. Then Ferrari Formula 1 driver Kimi Räikkönen made his World Rally Championship debut aboard another motor from the northern Italian stable: a Fiat Abarth Grande Punto S2000.  It was an amusing show to watch as red-jacketed Italian style came to terms with rallying and muddied loafers for the first time. Räikkönen found the whole scene as amusing as anybody. Beneath the baseball cap and behind the sunnies, he was smiling. He’d fancied a shot at this for a while and that event was, of course, the precursor to a full-time switch to the WRC for the next two seasons.  Now, the family’s back. This summer’s Rally Finland will mark the WRC de

Evento em Helsinque

Kimi esteve em uma coletiva de imprensa hoje em Helsinque, capital da Finlândia, com seu patrocinador pessoal, a ILoq, que estará com ele na corrida da Nascar em agosto.  Ao acessarem o tweet abaixo vocês podem ver os vídeos também. Kimi in Helsinki today 📷 kimibywestcoastchopper, blowberryjam #Kimi7 #KR7 — Raikkonen Indonesia (@KimsterIndo) July 8, 2022 ”I've watched the highlights (Nascar) every now and then, even though they come at night and we have been in contact to them. The owner and whole team has been appropriate.” ”So after 2011 when I was there I have followed it somewhat in the same way as a rally.” — Kimi Räikkönen #7 (@FansOfKR) July 8, 2022 ”Difficult to say. It’s a bit different. What I remember it’s more like show. Last time it was on oval so they we’re like try to survive to last laps because actually racing starts in the final laps.” — Kimi Räikkönen #7 (@FansOfKR) July 8,

Lema do Dia: Having Fun

  I'm having fun. I'm being myself. I'm doing what I love. That's all that matters. James Charles Bjus, Tati

Entrevista Pós corrida

    ** Bjus, Tati

GP da Inglaterra: Alonso P5

P5 and fighting close to the podium, @alo_oficial enjoyed that. #BritishGP — BWT Alpine F1 Team (@AlpineF1Team) July 3, 2022 ** Circuitos de verdade, corridas de verdade!!! Muito bom ver Alonso hoje disputando lá na frente! Parabéns ao Carlos pela 1a. vitória, foi emocionante ouvir o Hino Espanhol de novo. Bjus, Tati