Liberdade que não tem preço

Raikkonen says greater freedom Alfa Romeo give him is “priceless” 

Kimi Raikkonen says he is much happier at Alfa Romeo as he has fewer responsibilities besides driving the car. 

What they say 

Raikkonen was asked if he was happier after moving from Ferrari to Alfa Romeo: 

Obviously in the big picture we want to be faster and have better results. But if you take that away what [when it] comes to working it’s been very nice. 

There’s not [as] many people [as] let’s say Ferrari or other teams, [there] might be some places you lack a bit on that side. But that’s what I knew is a difference, that’s what makes a difference between big teams and smaller teams. 

Apart from that it’s given me more freedom to do what I want outside of racing. I don’t need to run all kind of promotions all the time. I appreciate that much more than maybe people even think about. For me my own time is priceless. It’s definitely been much better.


Mas é óbvio que a liberdade que Kimi tem na Alfa Romeo não tem preço. Especialmente porque ele pode fazer o que deseja da vida dele fora da F1, o que claramente era algo não permitido pela antiga equipe.

Depois de anos na categoria, ele só quer poder aproveitar o que mais ama, estar ao volante de um F1, sem que isto sacrifique a vida pessoal dele. Faz bem, ele pode.

Beijinhos, Ludy


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