Räikkönen's progress

Raikkonen to progress

Here is 3rd blog for Rally Finland which has already finished a long time ago.
This was 3rd entry of Rally Finland for former Formula One champion Kimi Raikkonen.
His result was 9th, and not so bad but not so great, I was surprised, he showed us additional progression in his driving.
It has not reached the podium yet, but technically, his driving skill can already be included within the top level rally drivers'.
It is the express progression if considering he just started WRC or even the rally carrier 3 years ago.
He obtained stability to his natural speed, he will be able to be on the podium by acquiring more experiences.

Kimi looks that he was satisfied with his driving in this event, he was in a very good mood.

Kimi in this event, he smile was very impressive.
In a good sense, he is now a general WRC top driver.
This time, I could have conversation with him for a long time at the time control.
He smiled and replied "You're welcome, no problem" when I said "Thank you" after coverage.
This is unbelievable for Formula One journalists, but Kimi has been being a general person in rally world.
Recently, he is not special featured like a person from other world, then he is recognized as one of a rally driver.
The beginning of last season, he clearly dislike the coverage, like turned his face, wore grasses, and did not get out of the car.
However, recently he looked very natural especially in Finland.
I thought Kimi is still growing up a WRC driver and as a person.
Let's looking forward to seeing his more and more progress.

Fonte: as-web-jp/Tradução para o Inglês: Hiroshi

Gentilmente este texto foi traduzido do japonês para o inglês por Hiroshi. É um texto escrito por um jornalista nipônico que estava cobrindo o Rali da Finlândia. #adorei

O que foi que eu disse na minha coluna mesmo? Não leram? Leiam aqui... rsrsrs... Então, acho que o texto acima só confirma isto né?! Não há dúvidas que o WRC mudou um pouco o jeito de ser de Kimi, na verdade, não mudou, apenas permitiu que ele fosse aquilo que a F1 impedia que ele fosse, feliz. Pelo menos nas últimas temporadas (2008/2009).

Beijinhos, Ludy


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