Why happy Kimi continues to improve?

Why happy Kimi continues to improve?

While the thrilling finish to last week's Jordan Rally wrote headlines around the world, Kimi Raikkonen was delivering another solid performance at the wheel of his Ice 1 Racing Citroen DS3 WRC.

For the third event in succession, Raikkonen scored championship points. While he might yet be some way from threatening the podium it was a notable achievement from a driver who could barely muster an error-free run during his debut season in 2010.

Kaj Lindstrom, who has co-driven Raikkonen since the ex-Formula One world champion took his first steps in rallying back in 2009, said increased experience - and confidence - is playing a huge part in the Ice Man’s upturn in form, rather than a change to his approach behind the wheel.

“It’s much better than last year because he’s finding the right way by finishing rallies without making mistakes,” said Lindstrom. “There’s no difference to what he’s doing. Rallying was a brand new experience for him when he started and there’s no short cut in this sport. It takes time to learn and after one year it’s getting easier for him.”

Lindstrom explained that Raikkonen is finally able to trust his pace notes, which was one of his main weaknesses last season.

“There won’t be any miracles from him just yet but his self-confidence is building because we’ve seen a big improvement in his pace notes,” said Lindstrom. “He is relying on them more and more and when that happens there are no big surprises for him on the stages.”

Asked whether Raikkonen was happy within the Citroen Racing empire, Lindstrom said: “The team took us in from the start and the second year is always easier in any relationship. You have to remember he had the option to go where he wanted. It’s his choice and he chose to stay with Citroen, which says it all. He’s happy and he’s definitely enjoying the WRC. He doesn’t have to drive but he does because he wants to be here. He’s very motivated.”

Fonte: wrc.com

E aí estão as razões pela evolução de Kimi no WRC. Ter alguém experiente e competente como co-piloto, Kaj Lindström. Ter mais confiança nas notas que ele faz para seus ralis e para encerrar, estar feliz e motivado como nunca. Preciso dizer mais? Acho que não, mesmo porque, tinha falado sobre isto ontem, na minha coluna (aqui), lembram?! rsrsrs

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