Kimi Räikkönen (car number 7): 

Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN C41 (Chassis 04/Ferrari) 

FP3: 14th / 1:43.826 (17 laps) 

Q1: 1:42.923 (9 laps) Q2: 14th / 1:42.587 (6 laps) 

 “We did a good laptime even though we only had used tyres left after all the red flags in Q1, and we could have got even more without the red flag at the end of Q2. We were on a good lap and we would have had a tow, and I think we could have gone through to Q3. It’s been a difficult qualifying with all the stoppages, but let’s see what we can do: we seemed to be faster and faster with every lap, the car felt better than at any other point in the weekend so it feels we are going in the right direction. Of course there are still things we need to improve but the feeling in qualifying is getting better. Tomorrow anything can happen: we need to stay out of any issue at the start and see what we can get out of this race.”

 Beijinhos, Ludy


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