Kimi Räikkönen: “Qualifying in fifth makes me happy but it’s only qualifying, the race is tomorrow. We made a few gains through other people’s misfortunes, but in the end we still had to put in the laps when it counted and we did. The car has been pretty good today and I think we could have been a bit faster in Q3: maybe fourth place was within reach, but that’s racing. It’s very difficult to read into our race pace from yesterday as the conditions have changed a lot and could be even different tomorrow. We have to see if the rain comes and figure out the weather the best we can. It will be hard to race against the big teams; we’ll just take today’s result as it is, give everything tomorrow and see where we end up.”

Fonte: www.sauber-group.com

Eu fiquei extremamente feliz e satisfeita com a classificação de hoje de Kimi porque ele esteve o tempo todo competitivo. E como ele mesmo falou acima, ele também ficou feliz.

Sei que amanhã é outro dia (como o Räikkönen também falou acima) e a Alemanha me deixa meio tensa por conta do histórico de Kimi por lá, mas estou na torcida para que o carro se apresente competitivo amanhã e que a gente possa conseguir mais um bom resultado.

Beijinhos, Ludy


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