Coincidências da vida

Sabe aquelas coincidências da vida? Pois é, Antonio Giovinazzi já foi piloto da antiga equipe de F3 inglesa de Kimi Räikkönen, a Double R. 

Algo em torno de cinco ou seis anos atrás e que o piloto italiano comentou com Kimi assim que eles se encontraram na Ferrari.

“Antonio once raced in Formula 3 for me. I was the owner of the team that gave him a car! We are talking about five or six years ago, when among my various activities I owned a team in English F3 called ‘Double R’ which were the initials of my name and my manager, Robertson. For some races an Italian driver ran for us: Giovinazzi. But I didn’t really know him and in the following years I had never noticed this coincidence: it was him who reminded me of that when we met in Ferrari. And now we find ourselves in this Alfa Romeo F1”. (fonte:

Antonio inclusive fala sobre como Kimi é um dos poucos pilotos que ele conhece que compartilha realmente o que sabe e que ele está muito animado de poder competir ao lado do Iceman, que ele diz, não é tão fechado assim como as pessoas falam.

“He is a very strong driver and it gives me confidence to see him charged and enthusiastic about this adventure. He is much more relaxed: I talked to Kimi more in these two months in Alfa Romeo than in two years in Ferrari. I well know he’s an Iceman, but in reality he’s not closed as they say: he’s a guy you can talk to and compare yourself with. In the end I’m really happy to have him on the team for the first year because he’s the most experienced driver there is. From whom could I ever learn more about F1 than from him? Kimi is a very generous guy: he is not one of those drivers who keeps things to himself, who is reluctant to reveal his information. He’s one of those drivers who if you ask him for something, he’ll help you without any problems."  (fonte:

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