Montoya nas 24 Horas de Le Mans

Juan Pablo Montoya, driver, United Autosports: “I’m very excited about the opportunity to experience Le Mans and I’m looking forward to joining United Autosports after they had such a strong finish at Le Mans last year. I’ve always watched the race so I’m very happy to finally be part of it. Hopefully we can have a shot at a win.” Zak Brown, Team Owner and Chairman, United Autosports: “Juan Pablo has been around racing for a long time now and he knows what it takes to win. I’m sure he will bring experience and speed to the team, which is exactly what we need for such a demanding race as Le Mans.” Richard Dean, Team Owner and Managing Director, United Autosports: “I watched Juan Pablo race against us at Daytona this year and was so impressed by him through the traffic, he definitely hasn’t lost and of his speed or determination. He’s a great character so I have no doubt that he will fit into the team well at Le Mans. Although it will be his first Le Mans venture, he has a vast amount of racing experience, including wins at the Monaco Grand Prix and the Indy 500, meaning this Le Mans venture could be a chance for him to win the triple crown of motorsport. Either way, I’m looking forward to welcoming Juan Pablo to the team.” #unitedautosports #24hrlemans
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Que notícia bacana!!!!

Acho muito legal ver os octetes competindo em várias categorias do automobilismo.

Beijinhos, Ludy


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