Semana Kimi Räikkönen 2017: "21 de outubro de 2007 - Minhas lembranças"

Encerro a parte de convidados com a conterrânea de Kimi Räikkönen, minha amiga Eeva. 

Mais um texto especial para a SKR 2017.

"October 21st 2007: my memories" by Eeva Niemi


It was a sunny, late autumn day, certain serenity in the air, which is typical for northern falls before the winter strikes. 

Everybody in our family knew, mom watches F1 and today is the last race of the season. evening she will be both deaf and blind what comes into other life outside of it. 

Today evening she will jump on the sofa depending on what happens in the race, chewing her finger nail, yelling, saying things that should not be said when there is young ears listening, but oh boy it's funny to see. 

On this very day, there was something different. Kids had made a cake. Mom slept late. No one disturbed. 

From the moment I opened my eyes, two things were on my mind. Coffee and why is it so silent?

Three kids of nearly same age do not let me sleep too long, they have tons of things to say when they wake up. I smelled coffee, went downstairs and heard whispering and then got overdrived with kids and dad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! we don't talk about numbers haha. It's like with Kimi in today's F1. Age is just a number. 

The serenity was all gone when I opened my laptop, read all the news about the events on the other side of the planet, made assumptions about the situation, knew with every cell of my body "Kimi has to win and even that's not enough". Alonso and Hamilton were both ahead of Kimi in the standings. Hamilton was almost certain champion. 

But Kimi had put up an incredible fight, annoingly steady Hamilton had made a few good errors, like a peculiar gravel trip in China. 

I prayed to all the gods I knew, hoped for more peculiar trips and in the evening, with all the kids, dog and cats and hubby, I ate the cake and jumped up and down, I watched the race of destiny. 

I felt Kimi should win this time. He had been so close, twice. The season had been full of scandals, the honest, silent, straightforward Finn should win this one. 

And the race was like the whole season in a nutshell. Massa driving ahead, but Alonso had been so suspicious after the spy scandal , I didnt believe in him. 

And then the famous "thumb slip" happened. Hamilton asking what happens, car after car passing him, few seconds of confusion, few seconds of hope. On that moment I knew Kimi would take it. 

Happy Championship Kimi! Happy Birthday mom! The moment I will never ever forget.


Eeva, my dearest Finnish friend, it's so good to have here on my blog again. It's always great to read your articles. I love them. What a birthday gift you got!!!! Perfect!!!

I am really glad that you were able to join us on this special celebration for the 10th annnivesary of Kimi's championship. Kiitos paljon!!!!

Beijinhos, Ludy


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