Arnall’s programs keep Räikkönen still in good shape

Working out has always motivated Kimi Räikkönen. With increasing age, the Finn doesn’t need to rush to the gym. 

How much do you train compared to your youthful years? 
The same amount, Räikkönen acknowledged. 

Is your coach Mark Arnall good at inventing new training? 
There is not always something new needed. We really have not changed anything. We go with same systems, as we like. 

Is it a great advantage to keep the same trainer all the time? 
It’s important. You don’t have to think much about those things. Everything is known and it is much easier in that way. I would not want anyone else than Mark, Räikkönen thanked. 

Let’s ask Arnall, what is currently Räikkönen’s favourite workout. 
Kimi has such a cross-country skiing device – an own version of a rowing machine – and it strengthens the upper body and arms. He also has a cross-trainer which he uses a lot. He also cycles, though not as much as he once did. We don’t do a lot of power but we focus more on cardio. 

When an athlete gets older, does the training get more selective? 
Sometimes it has to be a bit cleverer. When an athlete gets older, more time is needed to recover and to prevent possible injuries keeping the body in balance. Senior training is more balanced while at young age you always go to the fullest. 

Modern cars haven’t been physically as heavy as they used to be. 
The cars have a lot more downforce due to the wider tires and the better grip but no driver has been distressed in the way it was expected before the tests. Kimi, like Fernando Alonso, had experienced the same strain at the time of refuelling but then the g-forces on the body were even heavier with lighter cars, Arnall explains.


Sempre bacana ler Mark falando sobre o tipo de treinamento que ele faz com Kimi, em especial agora que o Iceman já não é mais o mais jovem do grid, muito pelo contrário...hahaha

E mais legal ainda é ver Kimi dizendo que não trocaria Mark por ninguém. Nem a gente Kimi!!!

Beijinhos, Ludy


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