Kimi, o Embaixador do Esporte finlandês

Ainda sobre ontem, o site da Ferrari publicou uma nota a respeito do prêmio que Kimi recebeu em Helsinque e que veio do governo finlandês, entregue pelo primeiro-ministro Juha Sipila.

Esta foi a primeira vez na história que o governo da terra do Iceman nomeou um Embaixador do Esporte. #quelindo #estouorgulhosa #elemerecemuito

Veio em um ano especial para o Iceman, quando ele completará 10 anos de seu único título mundial na F1 (em novembro) e também quando a Finlândia celebrará seu centenário de independência, em dezembro.

Finnish Prime Minister honours Raikkonen in Helsinki: “Thanks to my family and the Team”

The Finnish government has never before appointed anyone as an Ambassador for Sport, but it did so at a Sport Gala, held in Helsinki on Tuesday 17 January. The recipient was none other than Kimi Raikkonen, who received the honour from Prime Minister Juha Sipila. Kimi’s presence at the gala had been kept secret right up until the last moment. “I’m not that used to making formal speeches,” said Raikkonen. “But I would like to wish all the best to the winners in every category, as well as those who missed out on the prizes this year. I would stress how important it has been in my case to have the support of my family and help from trustworthy colleagues and the people within the Ferrari Team, with whom I have worked for so many years now.” In 2017, Finland celebrates the centenary of its independence.


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