Kimi e Vettel: De hoje em Interlagos

Kimi looks forward as “issues have been understood”

Interlagos is a great and unique place. I have great memories here from 2007, it was my first year with Ferrari and I won the Championship at the end of a tricky season. Driving has always been good here, there’s a lot of history and heritage with great Brazilian drivers and people are very passionate about Formula1. It’s the kind of track that always produces better racing than others . Obviously the layout is a big key, because you can follow the people and the long straight creates opportunities to overtake. There are not many corners here and it’s very close between the teams because the lap time is a bit shorter. To have a good car you need the same stuff you need in any other race tracks, the car has to be strong everywhere. We have been trying to improve our performance all year, we need more grip and more power to go faster, it sounds very simple but unfortunately it’s not. So far we understood quite a lot of things and I have a lot of trust that we will fix these issues. This is also the last home race for Felipe, we have been teammates and we have always had a good relationship. As long as he’s happy, that’s the best thing to do and I wish him the best for his future.

Seb: Brazil is a special place for me 

Brazil has always been a special place for me, always with good racing: be it for the atmosphere, the weather conditions, we always had some crazy races here. And I’m sure on Sunday there will be a good race also, we are not in the fight for the championship but we’ll try to fight for a win. We had a tough year, but if you take the last races I think it’s actually a good example. We started seventh because we didn’t performed well on Saturday, but we’re here to fight and I think that is what the people should see. This team is really made of fighters. Racing means the world to me, it means the world for Ferrari, it’s in our DNA. We really cared, we really wanted that podium. This year the performance hasn’t been as good as we expected but we are here to fight. In the last two races we want to finish showing how we give everything we have. The people in the factory are focused on the next year, the target obviously is come out with a lot of good ideas and to be competitive. As a team we’re still growing, there has been a big shift to the better in the last two years, so in that regard I think it’s also fair to give us a bit of time.


Gosto de saber que o Brasil tem um espaço especial para os octetes. Assim eles sempre terão boas lembranças.

Beijinhos, Ludy


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