Seb: last lap “a bit too conservative” but pace is there

“Today my last run in Q3 was not ideal: I think third position was possible, but I was probably a bit conservative around the last corner. All in all, though, I think it was a good session: the car was behaving well, but maybe in the end I could have pulled out a little bit more out of it. Yesterday on a single lap we were not particularly strong, we struggled a bit, but I think that in the long run we were quite good: so for tomorrow, if it’s dry, we should be in reasonable shape. Mercedes looked very fast also yesterday in the long runs, so obviously we’ll try to stay with them but our main rival I guess will be Red Bull, which had similar pace to us today. In the race I think we’re usually a little bit faster, so hopefully we can get the job done tomorrow. If it rains it will be the first time for everyone this weekend: but it is what it is, I think we have enough rain tires…”


Bom saber que há ritmo para algo na corrida, só temos que torcer para não esquentar muito, porque aí fica mais complicado para as Ferraris.

Beijinhos, Ludy


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