JB falou...


Started:               12th
Finished:             DNF, 43 laps – precautionary stop due to worsening brake issue
Fastest Lap:       1m51.631s on lap 18 (+4.444s, 16th)

“I might have retired on lap 43, but, to be honest, my race was effectively over on the first lap.

“I got a very good start and pulled alongside Valtteri [Bottas], but I didn’t see Nico’s [Hulkenberg] car coming across the track until he was right in front of me, facing the wrong way. I lifted and pulled to the right, but there wasn’t really anywhere to go, so I tagged Valtteri with my front wing. That broke my front wing, brake duct and floor.

“I pitted to change tyres and fit a new front wing, but the car had been damaged, so I was lacking downforce for the remainder of the race. Even then, the downforce I did have wasn’t properly balanced across the car, which made it even more difficult.

“The reason we stopped was that we were concerned about the brakes – the temperatures were rising because of the duct damage. We were worried about a failure – it was the right decision to stop.”
(fonte: Mclaren.com)


Mais um fim de semana ruim para JB... afff

Bjus, Tati


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