F1 - Many F1 rules ’make no sense’ - Raikkonen

F1 - Many F1 rules ’make no sense’ - Raikkonen  
"Actually it has nothing to do with Max"

Kimi Raikkonen has confirmed reports that he is set to marry his partner Minttu during the forthcoming F1 summer break.

The Finn would not, however, confirm the date, nor give away the precise location for the ceremony.

"In Italy," Raikkonen told Sonntagsblick. Asked if it will be Venice, he repeated: "In Italy." Close to Maranello? "In Italy," the Ferrari driver added.

Raikkonen was more prepared to talk about a controversy involving himself and Max Verstappen, F1’s 18-year-old sensation.

They had a clash of the generations in Hungary last weekend, with Raikkonen and most of his colleagues criticising the Red Bull driver’s defending tactics.

"Actually it has nothing to do with Max," Raikkonen told the Swiss newspaper.

"We have rules, and they should be followed, that’s all," he said. "But in ten races we have ten different interpretations. But in formula one we often have these stupid discussions."

Asked if the yellow flag saga involving Nico Rosberg is another example, Raikkonen answered: "Exactly. Now we think you can go to pole like that, but the rule book says something else.

"These things confuse the drivers and the media," said the Ferrari driver.

Yet another example, he said, was Sergio Perez not being allowed to be told about failing brakes in Austria.

"Then he hit the wall," said Kimi, "so what does that have to do with safety? I think if you have normal sense, a lot of things in formula one do not make sense to you."

Finally, the Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat asked Raikkonen if - notwithstanding their Budapest clash - he thinks Verstappen is one of F1’s most exceptional young talents.

"He is good," he agreed, "no one can deny that. But no one can know what the future will be for him.

"For sure he will be successful and will probably win the championship, but you can never know," Raikkonen added.

Asked if he might recommend to Ferrari that Verstappen should eventually succeed him," Kimi answered: "It’s not my job to recommend anybody or decide anything.

"I’m here to drive, not to do anything else."

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Kimi é isto aí! Manda logo direto. Não gostam da forma como ele responde, problema.

Estas regras (?) estão realmente uma piada, não fazem mesmo o menor sentido. Falta coerência. Falta inteligência. Falta tudo à FIA.

E não, isto não tem a ver com o Verstappen. Aliás, adorei o que ele pensa do rapaz, exatamente o que acho.

Para encerrar, os caras tentam porque tentam tirar o local onde ele vai se casar, mas ele não fala por nada, apenas que fica na Itália. #adoro

Mas para quem estiver curioso, Minttu e Kimi deverão se casar na Abadia de San Galgano, na região da Toscana, segundo o que fiquei sabendo. Lugar lindíssimo, cliquem aqui para ver mais sobre o local.

Beijinhos, Ludy


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