Palvras de Alonso e Jenson

Fernando Alonso: "This was always going to be a difficult race for us - and that's made even more difficult when you don't see the chequered flag. "We had a developing issue on the gearbox which was getting worse and worse, so we decided to retire the car in order to prevent damage to the power unit or anything else. It's a shame, but we were running outside the points, so this retirement feels a little less painful. "The most important thing now is for the team to find a little more pace - for both qualifying and the race."

Jenson Button: "Obviously, I didn't make it easy for myself starting 19th. I enjoyed the race, and I got everything out of the car, but that was all we could really do as we didn't have the pace this weekend. "I'm happy with my performance today. In terms of strategy, it was difficult to know the best way to go, but we'd struggled with graining on the Supersoft, so chose to pit relatively early. Then our pace was good on the Prime - I'm happy with that. It was also good to battle out there, especially when the other guy has the same equipment as you. "In terms of outright performance, we're not quite quick enough, so to come from 19th to 11th wasn't too bad, particularly with the straight-line speed we had here. "It was a fun race and I enjoyed it, but there are some improvements needed to raise our level of performance. I persevered as I always do when times are tough, and we'll hopefully come out the other side."
(fonte: motorsport)


Um dia para esquecer...

Bjuss, Tati


Sabrina disse…
Quando o button passou o alonso eu sabia que tinha algo errado com o carro dele. Uma pena, mas é como o alonso disse. Ele não ficaria nos pontos mesmo então no final não fez diferença.
Essa pista pra mclaren era pessima por causa daqueles retas imensas e pra variar a corrida foi mt sem graça.

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