O que Kimi e Sebastian acharam de Baku

Seb looks forward to discovering new track

“It looks spectacular around here, the circuit seems nice, especially the bit around the old town in the back, with a lot of uphill downhill sections, which you appreciate more when you see them from real than you probably feel by watching TV. It should be exciting, really interesting, getting into the car tomorrow and see how it feels. It’s a completely new place, it would be a bit foolish to have any expectations. There is a lot of talk about the long straight, but it would also be worth mentioning that here the weather will be hot, which is really different from the races we had so far because it has always been colder than we expected. So here we’ll see how the tires work, and things like that I think: there is a lot of homework to be done tomorrow, for sure it’s more important to do it here because we have no experience from previous years. Of course we expect to be strong but we have to wait and see. Generally we found out that our car is working everywhere, but we need to make sure that we unleash the pace in all sessions, in particular on Saturday, to make sure that we get where we deserve to be in qualifying. It’s a long race here , it’s the first race ever, there will be a lot of things unknown and hopefully tomorrow we can tick as many boxes as possible.”

Kimi looks forward to doing ‘a better job’ in Baku 

“I arrived in Baku last night, so I just saw the hotel and the circuit. The boxes here are big and nice. It is something different and new. But we’ll see what it looks like when we drive around tomorrow. It is interesting, slightly different and a challenge. The simulator, where we ran this circuit, is useful to prepare for a new track. The more laps you do, the more you get used, even if it’s not the same as when you drive on the track. We’ll try tomorrow and see what it is like. I think we need to do a better job. We need to make sure that we get the car where we want it to be, that the tires are the way we want and then I am sure it will be ok. We struggled a bit during the last two races. It was not easy, but this is a new weekend and a new place, so we’ll make sure to be where we want and make our weekend a little bit easier. This is a new circuit, so it’s a bit tricky, but this is the same for everybody. We have a good package and we just have to make it work as we want to. This is a narrow place, but I don’t think it will change anything in getting a clear lap. This is what a long circuit is for: it all helps to have more space. But, of course, it won’t be that easy. We’ll see how it is tomorrow. I think there’s a good grip, contrary to some other places, like for example in Malaysia.”

Fonte: formula1.ferrari.com

Pista nova, tudo igual para geral. Veremos o que vai rolar.

O circuito não me empolgou muito não, mas veremos.

Beijinhos, Ludy


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