O que Kimi e Seb falaram hoje...

Seb convinced battle will be close: “We are pushing very hard and to be honest nothing has changed, we are not looking too much at what the others do, we are looking after ourselves, trying to improve where we need to improve, looking after our weaknesses, trying to focus on our strengths, then we see where this takes us. Here we expect to be competitive, how competitive is what we see every weekend. Some track characteristics may suit you more than others, so I can’t give you a number, but I’m pretty confident we will all be closer here than we were in Baku and obviously we will try to be even more competitive than we’ve been in Montreal. If we look at where we were and where we are now, we can say we made a big step forward. We haven’t got the best car, it’s not a secret, but we want to have the best car overall. I think that closing the loop in all fields we made massive progress, I think more than anybody else has, so it’s a reason to be proud of, but surely what we are here for is winning races.”

Kimi enjoys the challenge of the Spielberg track: “I’ve always liked this track, I came here quite a few times in the past, and I enjoy it very much. It always brings good racing, not so many corners but a lot of overtaking. Last year it was a short race for me, it’s not funny when you are out of the race at the first lap, but I’ m sure we can do better this year. It’s hard to know what to expect , the circuit has been resurfaced , I heard there is going to be more grip and that’s a nice thing. It will be interesting to see how it is, it might change things a little bit. I’m confident with the car, I expect us to be up there in the weekend and hopefully it will be good enough. In general we are lacking a bit of speed and qualifying hasn’t been the easiest for us so far this year , our rivals have been very fast, in some places we are very close to them and we can challenge them, we just need to put things together and make no mistake . We are here to win races, we have done pretty good so far, but we also had some odd races. We’ll keep pushing until we have a chance. It is still a long season and as a team we are pushing to try to get back in the front. As a team we work well together and we want to improve and achieve good results, we’ll never be happy until we are back to winning.”

Fonte: formula1.ferrari.com

Não vou postar sobre o futuro de Kimi porque como ele mesmo já falou na coletiva de hoje, é sempre a mesma coisa, ninguém sabe de nada e fica falando o tempo todo, sempre. Então quando houver algo concreto ele vai falar, assim como eu.

O que eu espero para este fim de semana na Áustria? Nada! Meu desânimo com a F1 nunca esteve como agora. Parece um poço sem fim.

Beijinhos, Ludy


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