Seb says that in Spain ‘there is a chance to do well’

Seb says that in Spain ‘there is a chance to do well’ 

“We don’t feel any special pressure here in Spain. There are 21 races this year and pressure is the same wherever you go. It’s true that looking back, we could have done better if this or that hadn’t happened, but we can’t change it now. It’s also true that we’d like to be in a better position in the next couple of races, but for the meantime we have to focus on this one. On paper, it looks like it could be better for us than the previous one; but then again, we’re not racing on paper here, but on the track. I think there is a chance to have a good race, as there is a chance of making some mistakes. We came here prepared to give our best. Of course our President wants us to deliver, but we want the same and there’s no point now arguing too much on what has happened so far. As far as Kvyat is concerned, he had the guts to call me after the race in Sochi. For me the case is closed”.


Beijinhos, Ludy


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