Kimi says team ‘knows what it’s doing’

Kimi says team ‘knows what it’s doing’ 

“We go race by race, trying to make good results, we steadily improve and make progress, and we have to perform well in every single circuit. We had good winter tests here in Barcelona, but now the conditions are different. I think our car we’ll be good, we’ll find out if it will be good enough. Our aim is to clean up things and put ourselves in a better position this weekend, we’ll see how it is going tomorrow, and then we’ll do the maximum. We keep improving the car as any other team does, you can have a bad race for many reasons and this doesn’t mean that your car is not good. Our aim is to be in front to challenge the Mercedes every weekend, we are not yet where we want to be but I don’t think we are very far. What we have achieved so far is not ideal, if you purely look at the end result, but that’s not always very truthful. For sure we can do a better job, we’ll keep pushing and try to make up the best of every race. As a team we know what we are doing and that’s the important thing. Let’s see where we end up on Sunday, obviously our aim is to try to win.”


Beijinhos, Ludy


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