Kimi looks ahead at fresh Bahrain challenge 

Having already put the Melbourne retirement behind his back, Kimi Raikkonen looks ahead to the new challenge at the Bahrain International Circuit, where he took second place in an eventful race last year. 

“It’s difficult to predict how this weekend will be because the result depends on many factors. Last year it was not too bad, but this is a new race weekend, so we’ll do our best in the practice days and then try to maximize the result”. 

Taking the positives from the first race, Kimi points out that “in Australia the start seemed to work pretty well for us, hopefully it’s always like that, but it’s not easy to make great starts and there are so many things that can affect it. The last race was pretty ok, but obviously we had an issue. We have to do better, fix the current problems and try to avoid having any other. Hopefully we can have a good weekend.”


Nem expectativas consigo ter mais, porque Kimi vai ter problemas mesmo... #whatever

Beijinhos, Ludy


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