Teremos JB em 2016! #ufa

Jenson Button: “For me, the exciting year is 2017. There’s going to be so much more mechanical grip – from what I’ve seen it could be four or five seconds quicker a lap through mechanical grip and aerodynamics. That for me is exciting, that takes me back to 10 years ago. Also, I’ve just heard that next year they’re going to be making the cars sound a bit better! F1 isn’t in a bad place at the moment and it’s going to get better. Next year will be better and in 2017 F1 is going to be mega – I think there’s a lot of excitement out there.”

Matéria completa no site do Motorsport, aqui


Finalmente uma boa notícia para nós da McLata!!!!! hehehehe

Bjuss, Tati


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Feliz Aniversário, Alonso!!!!