Os dois ficam! Pelo menos até que se prove o contrário...

Em entrevista a Sky Sports, o tosco do Ron Dennis AFIRMOU que Jenson tem contratado com a McLaren e que tanto ele, quanto Alonso, estarão na McLaren ano que vem.

So Jenson will be driving for McLaren next year? That is breaking news? "The contract is completely intact and is going to be unchanged and I have spoken to Jenson about it and he is happy. So I don't want to, I never discuss contract matters if I can help it, and even acknowledging that it was an option is more than I would normally do. But the drivers are all contracted and that is the end of it." You're ducking and diving Ron. Saying something without quite saying it. Are Button and Alonso in your two cars next year?"Yes. What more do you want?"

Restante da entrevista está no site da Sky Sports, aqui.

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