Dennis unimpressed with Alonso's radio comments

Dennis unimpressed with Alonso's radio comments

McLaren chairman Ron Dennis says he is not impressed with the way that Fernando Alonso labelled Honda's engine performance as 'embarrassing' in the Japanese Grand Prix.

Alonso caused a stir during the Suzuka race when he suggested over the radio that the power of his Honda power unit was comparable to a GP2 engine.

"I am getting passed down the straight like a GP2," said Alonso after losing positions. "This is embarrassing, very embarrassing."

Later on, speaking in the television media pen, Alonso caused fresh intrigue when he drew short of confirming that he would definitely be a part of McLaren next year.

"I don't know," said the two-time champion. "There are still five races to go now. We need to improve the situation to make sure we are competitive and we are on top of our problems.

"There are a few areas we need to improve and the main priority now is to work on those.

"I think in Abu Dhabi we will not improve. The remaining races will be tough, but the next year is probably what we are looking for and my intention is to stay and win together."

Dennis confused

Dennis said he could not understand why Alonso would cast doubt on his future, with it clear that his current contract has no performance-related clauses that would allow him to get out and join another team.

When asked about Alonso's comments, Dennis said: "I didn't hear that and I cannot make any comment. I don't know what he means by that comment.

"I spoke to him earlier today. He has a contract, he understands the contract and I am surprised."

Radio messages

Dennis was not fully supportive of Alonso's stance during the race, though, when there were separate criticisms of the engine over the radio on Honda's home turf.

"I am not going to condone those sorts of things, because it doesn't show the professionalism that I would like all our drivers to show," explained Dennis.

"But he is in the car, he is frustrated and of course he has exposure to the technical staff.

"Maybe it was not a particularly constructive way to communicate with everyone at Honda, but the way for me to deal with drivers is either through their appropriate management channels, which is Eric [Boullier] or in certain circumstances myself.

"Whatever I choose to do, or however it is done, it remains a team matter, not a matter for the media."


Nãooo, ele não costuma ventilar as merdas na imprensa... "Nós estamos correndo contra Alonso, não contra Kimi".

Tá serto Ron Dennis, tá serto!!!!!

O DIA que eu desejar a APROVAÇÃO do Ron Dennis para qualquer atitude do Fernando, por favor me internem!!!!

Só que, embora ele faça esta cena aí para imprensa, RD deve estar bem gostando das verdades que Alonso falou. Afinal, o que a Honda está fazendo a McLaren passar é uma VERGONHA.

Alonso só teve a CORAGEM de dizer o que ele, e todo mundo na McLaren, gostaria de falar mas não tem coragem e/ou não podem falar!

Então, no final do dia, continuo com o mesmo pensamento: Ron Dennis GO TE HELL!

Bjusss, Tati


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Feliz Aniversário, Alonso!!!!