Ted Kravitz Q&A: Looking ahead to the 2015 season on Sky Sports F1

How do you think the dynamic between Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso is going to work?

TK: “I think the dynamic between Alonso and Button will be okay – Jenson Button has been long enough in the game and he knows what Alonso is like.

“The problem for McLaren is a little story that we had in the last few days that their engine supplier Honda aren’t going to be able to develop their engine in the season like everyone else will. Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault have found a loophole in the rules that means they are allowed to develop their engine in a limited way throughout the season – so if they find something they can bring to it, a little tweak that gives them a little more horsepower perhaps, then they can do that in the middle of the season.

“It is a significant disadvantage for Honda. Because they are a new supplier the learning curve for them this year is going to be so much steeper than everyone else who has been going through that learning curve throughout 2014. So to make it fair McLaren and Honda are going to the FIA and saying ‘come on guys this really isn’t fair, let Honda develop their engine in the middle of the season like everybody else’. Will they succeed? I don’t know. They have a good case and they are having those arguments as we speak.”

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