A lap of the track at Spa with Scuderia Ferrari

Maranello, 21 August – Spa-Francorchamps is one of the tracks the drivers love most, thanks to its high speed corners, its drops and climbs and its historic points such as Eau Rouge and the Bus Stop chicane. Fernando Alonso and four times winner here, Kimi Raikkonen were keen to try the track ahead of time, racing model cars on a track made by licensee Carrera, the leader in the field of the latest generation of electric racing car tracks. The layout was built up in one of the Logistics buildings at Maranello. The two Scuderia drivers were teamed with their respective data engineers, Edoardo Brosco and Giuliano Salvi as they fought a thrilling duel and they made the most of the occasion to describe the key points of this legendary track. Enjoy! 

Fonte: formula1.ferrari.com

Um vídeo simples, mas que vale pelos sorrisos dos pilotos da equipe. Pelo menos ali eles conseguem se divertir pilotando uma ferrari, já que na pista de verdade...

Beijinhos, Ludy


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