"I want to get the best out of it, like we did in Melbourne"

"Hi everyone,
i didn't feel very comfortable on the extreme wet tyres at the end of Q3, especially on the brakes, but I was still able to improve enough to claim third from Fernando which was the positive for me. We've definitely improved th
e way we manage the sessions since Australia, so I was the last car to cross the line, but unfortunately the track didn't really improve. It will definitely be a difficult and eventful race as the weather is predicted to be the same again, but that will give me opportunities to gain some positions. I'm looking forward to the race and I want to get the best out of it, like we did in Melbourne", says Nico Rosberg.

Tem que fazer o mesmo da corrida passada. Largada boa seguida de bom ritmo. Eis a receita. Vai ter mais dificuldade nessa madrugada com certeza, mas pode repetir um bom resultado e somar o máximo de pontos possível. Se quer mesmo disputar o titulo tem que pensar em todo e qualquer ponto que puder colecionar.

By Lu


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