'I've seen worse winters' - Raikkonen

'I've seen worse winters' - Raikkonen
ESPN Staff
February 27, 2014

Kimi Raikkonen insists he and the Ferrari team are not worried about where they stand in the 2014 pecking order despite a day of limited running at the final test in Bahrain. 

Raikkonen finished the day third after a time of 1:36.432, putting him in the middle of the dominant Mercedes-powered teams, who filled out the other top six spots. Ferrari was hampered by niggling problems all day and only recorded 53 laps, but Raikkonen admits he does not feel the delays are a reason for too much concern. 

"I've seen much worse winters [of testing] than this one so I'm not worried about it, we would like to keep putting more mileage on the car," he said. "We've learnt again today and we will see where we are on the last day. There were small changes we had to make but they all take time. There's been no major issues, from team to team it has been difficult to get a good feeling on certain things with set up but we are getting there little by little. We need to do a little more laps of course but that's how it is. I think we need to do a race distance on the last day, and then see how we are." 

Raikkonen admits he still does not feel like it is possible to make accurate predictions about the opening race of the season. 

"The feeling is okay but lap times will decide where we are and we will see in the first race where we sit. I don't know [who is the favourite]. We will see in Australia who is the best. My target is to try to win but right now I don't know where we are. It's going to be a long season with the new rules for everyone. It gets exciting when we get to racing again. There's lots of things we are still trying to learn and they will get better. It's all new stuff and hopefully we can do a good final day." 

Despite spending much of the day in the garage, Raikkonen is not concerned about reliability being a big issue for the F14 T. 

"I think there's been a lot [of improvement] in driveability but there is always places to improve and that's what we are looking for really. It's more to get the car how I like it to be but it's difficult to know or find the right levels. The car looks reliable, we have some small issues but everyone has. I think we improve all the time, finding new things and learning more. It's hard to say from day to day, things change always. I'm sure we learned today again." 

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Bom, se os problemas de confiabilidade não são uma questão já é alguma coisa. A Ferrari parece definitivamente ser a terceira força do testes.

Räikkönen pareceu positivo na análise. Não dá para prever muito, mas pelo menos o cenário não está tão péssimo, apesar dele enfrentar problemas todo final de treino.

Se fosse em outra época, eu ficaria preocupada, cheia de expectativas, agora, não fico mais. O que tiver que ser, vai ser.

Beijinhos, Ludy


Carlos disse…
Ta para raiar o ano que o Kimi faz bons testes de inverno - desde a mudança das regras, ele sempre é um dos que, comparativamente, menos andam.

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