Iceman's Club - "Kimi e Ferrari: 7 momentos marcantes e uma música" by Antonio Magno

Hoje é dia de compartilharmos o que nosso membro italiano do Iceman's Club, meu querido amigo Tony, preparou para este primeiro especial do ano. 

Today is the day for us to share what our Italian member of the Iceman's Club, my dear friend Tony, has prepared for this first special of the year.

"Kimi & Ferrari: 7 remarkable moments and one song" by Antonio Magno

pic #1 Vallelunga Test: the debut

pic #2 Australia 2007: like Fangio

pic #3 Japan 2007: never give up!

pic #4 China 2007: Kimi already in Ferrari history

pic #5 Brazil 2007: breathless

pic#6 Belgium 2008: the duel and the fall

pic#7 Belgium 2009: Kimi is King of Spa

This is the song...

I know it can look too banal and obvious, but it represents very well my hopes, my whishes and my fears about this second time in Ferrari. Go Kimi, be faster than anybody!


Tony dear, I loved the moments (Spa 2008 still breaks my heart...) and the song, wow! I am just crazy about this song!!! #WithinTemptationrules

Thanks again for being part of our project and our group!!! #grazie

Beijinhos, Ludy


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Feliz Aniversário, Alonso!!!!