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Fernando Alonso: “It’s really good news that once again we managed to do well in qualifying, which is our Achilles Heel! This is now the third time this year that we end up in the top three and, even if usually Sunday goes better thanks to our race pace, I am really pleased to see our potential already maximized on Saturday. The data seen from Friday’s long runs means we can be optimistic about a race in which our main adversaries are represented by Vettel and the Red Bull in front and the Lotuses which might be behind us on the grid, but they will definitely be in the game. Because of the penalties for Hamilton and Webber, Felipe will start from fourth: I think it’s much better that I find myself alongside my team-mate’s Ferrari than Lewis’ Mercedes! We won’t discover which is the best strategy until tomorrow and it’s impossible to make predictions. But I think the best tyre for the race will be the hard and that could work in our favour, given it’s the one we have been most comfortable on all weekend”.
(fonte: Ferrari.com)


O que esperar da corrida?!? Hum... sem dúvida, o pódio é uma boa expectativa. Mas vou ser bem sincera: NADA na minha F1 é mais a mesma depois de 2012. hehehe

Sim porque antes de pensar em resultado, tudo o que mais me preocupa é a largada. O importante é concluir a primeira volta! O resto Alonso resolve... hehehe

Mas vamos torcer!!!! Vamos torcer!!!! 

Bjussss, Tati


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