Palavras alonsistas!

Fernando Alonso: “I am very happy with this position as it’s been too long since I qualified in the top three! Something I have usually managed to achieve in the race has been missing for quite a while: maybe the rain helped us a bit as we were not the quickest in the dry, but starting in the top three gives us a realistic chance of a podium finish and we can even dream about winning. In Q3, when we had seen the track was drying quickly, we had a moment’s hesitation, because in the dry, the intermediates only last one or two laps before beginning to degrade. But in the end, it seemed the most sensible choice and it worked out well. Of the past three years, this seems to be the moment when everything appears to be working for the best: performance, strategy, pit stops. Now we must see how tomorrow will turn out, because it’s always a lottery if it rains. Even if, in the current Formula 1, the start is not the most important thing, we will still try to make a good one in order to maintain position or even to try and get past Vettel at the first corner. Then we will see: our race pace in Australia and the long run here on Friday means we can be reasonably optimistic!"


Infelizmente não assisti o treino hoje! Alonso que me perdoe, mas o sono foi maior que tudo! É raro isso acontecer... mas o desânimo com a classificação era bem grande para me fazer levantar da cama! Por isso o 3o. lugar foi uma bela surpresa para quem já esperava no máximo um 6o. ou 8o. lugar! 

Mas estou confiante para a corrida!! Vamos torcer!!

De qualquer forma daria uns pitacos daqui a pouco!! hehe AGUARDEM!!!

Bjuss, Tati


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