Wellbeing in the F1-Union

Wellbeing in the F1-Union 

Kolumnit | Turun Sanomat 5.2.2013 22:46 

Two Finnish drivers drive on F1-level, four drivers have a Finnish trainer - and two Finnish experts have designed helmets. 

Not bad from our small country in one of the world's most followed sport! Finland does well at least in this union... 

Kimi Räikkönen was in contact with the testing track on Tuesday mainly through his race engineer Mark Slade. Now it was Romain Grosjean's turn to prove the new Lotus-car's speed on the first day. 

Valtteri Bottas is already on the spot taking in all he possibly can for the next season. Bottas will put on his helmet on Thursday morning - just like Räikkönen also. 

The man in charge of Bottas' new, more simple design is Erkko Vainikainen from Evgraphics whereas Räikkönen continues with Uffe Tägström's designs. 

The most visible change in Kimi's helmet from last year is probably the new racing number 7. Bottas also has a number on his helmet but it's in the back. The number is the same 17 that Kimi started his F1-career with at Sauber. 

Due to Bottas Williams-cars have two Finnish sponsors. Wihuri is visible in the car's backwing, racing outfit and helmet. 

In the training department Sebastian Vettel's trainer is Heikki Huovinen, Jean-Eric Vergne's trainer is Antti Kontsas, Sergio Perez's trainer is Antti Vierula and Valtteri Bottas' trainer is Jaakko Ojaniemi. 

The decathlete who has over 8000 points is of course aiming for the best possible points to his driver. Then how many points would Bottas get in a competition? 

– He would do well in sprint, but not so good in the field genres, Ojaniemi evaluates. 

His stumbling blocks would probably be pole vault and high jump. 

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Invasão finlandesa na F1! #amooooo

Dois pilotos (poderíamos ter 3... que pena Heikki não ter ficado...), dois designers de capacetes e quatro preparadores físicos. #FinnishInvasion

Beijinhos, Ludy


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