The overtake of the season crowned Räikkönen's 3rd position

The overtake of the season crowned Räikkönen's 3rd position 

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2.9.2012 23:54 

Kimi Räikkönen drove for the first time to the chequered flag in Spa without winning the race. However the 3rd position offered a lot of heat that was comparable to a bull's eye. 

Räikkönen offered his several fans the season's greatest overtake. 

Romain Grosjean crashed out Alonso and Hamilton in the start. He was given a rare one race ban plus a fine of 50.000 euros, hence next weekend in Monza the third driver Jerome d’Ambrosio will drive the other Lotus. 

Alonso's row of 23 races scoring points was broken just at the moment when he was aiming Schumacher's record. Hence Räikkönen is now the one who has raced nine races to points. 

The thing that caused most talking was Räikkönen's overtake of Michael Schumacher in the middle of the legendary Eau Rouge -corner. 

One trick didn't fail 

Lotus didn't have any speed on the straights like they also didn't have in qualification and hence Räikkönen ran out of normal tricks to overtake. Hence he had to take power from his famous wild nature instead of from the car. 

Räikkönen threw his car from the inside in the downhill past Schumacher's Mercedes. The German didn't expect that move and Kimi had passed him already at the stage when the actual Eau Rouge was at the lowest in the bottom before climbing uphill. 

At that spot the speed is about 311,5 km per hour! 

– I couldn't match Schumacher's speed on the straight even with the DRS-wing. I overtook him once but he could easily get back on the DRS-straight after Eau Rouge. So I knew that my only possibility was to overtake him again before Eau Rouge and then make a difference with DRS. 

– I had nothing to lose. I was behind him, pushed my car ahead of his by using KERS and then I just let go. It worked well, Räikkönen summed up. 

Gerard Lopez was very impressed over Räikkönen's overtake. 

– It was an awesome move. I'm sure that Schumacher couldn't expect that Kimi would come from the inside and overtake him. But that's just the kind of tricks that Kimi can do, Lopez smiled. 

Steve Robertson who is helping Räikkönen in contract-matters revealed that he closed his eyes when he saw that Räikkönen was going to try overtaking in such a surprising place. 

– Anyone who can do that possesses a unique courage. Schumacher is afterall a 7xWDC and one has to remember the importance of the overtaking attempt. Kimi knew he would be too slow on the straight, hence that was the only place where he could make difference to Schumacher by overtaking him, since after the overtake the DRS was already activated to help him on the long straight. 

– Kimi's stunts like these are bloodstopping. It was at least Kimi's best overtake this season - and probably the whole season's overtake all and all, Robertson praised. 

The new package comes to Monza 

Räikkönen has been 4 times on the podium in the last five races. Alonso has scored only two points more than Kimi in these races. The difference is now 33 points. 

Lotus' race speed stopped after July's races. 

– We knew already on Saturday after qualification that our speed is not enough to race for a victory. For some reason the tyres lost the grip after a few laps. Hopefully we get to Monza a package which gives us more speed so that we can battle for better positions, Räikkönen sighed. 

Turun Sanomat, Spa 


Fonte: Turun Sanomat / Tradução para o Inglês: Nicole 

Sobre a ultrapassagem, Kimi foi realmente inteligente e arriscou tudo. Deu certo! Ainda bem! :) 

Detalhe para como Steve fala todo orgulhoso sobre o Iceman. #adoro 

Sobre a falta de velocidade do E20 para a corrida de ontem, é o que me faz dar ainda mais valor ao pódio de ontem. Como eu disse por aqui, foi no braço que este resultado veio. 

Vamos esperar que este pacote de atualizações para Monza ajude, já que a equipe não deverá usar o DRS duplo por lá também.

Beijinhos, Ludy


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