Depois do descanso, o trabalho

“it’s one of the highlights of the season and definitely one of my favourite tracks. The circuit itself is outstanding, with of course the most exciting corner of the calendar in Eau Rouge.

It’s been nice to have a break over the last month and for everyone at the team to have some time to relax with their families, but we’re all looking forward to the action starting again in the second half of the season. There’s a lot of hard work ahead to make sure we are competing where we want to be and challenging towards the front of the field.” (quote by Mercedes)

Muito bom, muito bonito e motivador. Praticamente uma palestra motivacional.  Maaaassss, não dá nenhuma pista do que realmente espera da segunda metade do campeoanto. 

#MEDO com letras garrafais.

By Lu


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