Semana Fernando Alonso 2012 - Dia 7: Parte 1

Fernando Alonso, 30 vitórias na Fórmula 1:

28a. Vitória - GP da Malásia 2012
Onde:  Malásia
Data: 25 de março de 2012
Posição de largada: 9a. posição
Pole Position Pódio: 1. Fernando Alonso 2. Sergio Perez 3. Lewis Hamilton
Resultado final: AQUI 
Press Conference AQUI 
O que Alonso falou após a vitória na Malásia 2012!?

Fernando Alonso (1st): "It was an incredible race! I am very happy, for me and for the whole team: I am proud of this fantastic group of people. While we have been going through this difficult time, no one gave up, in fact everyone has doubled their efforts to try and catch up. The strategy was perfect, the mechanics did an impeccable job, the engineers did their best in preparing the car and I drove at my maximum for all 56 laps of the race. I would never have bet on this win and I would think anyone who did so must have picked up a tidy sum! As I returned to the pit lane on the cool down lap I didn't even know where to park the car: to win with all the problems we have got is something quite extraordinary. In the wet, I was going very well, but then when the track dried out, our weaknesses showed themselves. Sergio got very close and I was trying to stay on the only dry line: if he wanted to pass me, he would have had to take a risk. Yesterday, he and I ended up ninth and tenth and today we found ourselves fighting for the win, which shows how unpredictable is this championship. Our aim was damage limitation for these early races of the championship and now we even find ourselves leading the classification. Now we absolutely have to improve the performance starting right away with the races in China and Bahrain. We must get back to work immediately so as to find at least the two or three tenths that could put us back in the fight for the top places."


29a. Vitória - GP da Europa 2012
Onde: Valência
Data: 24 de junho de 2012
Posição de largada: 11a. posição
Pole Position Pódio: 1. Fernando Alonso 2.Kimi Raikkonen  3. Michael Schumacher
Resultado final: AQUI
Press Conference AQUI
O que Alonso falou após a vitória em Valência 2012!?

Fernando Alonso (1st): "This has been an unforgettable day for me and I can't find the right words to express my feelings! Winning in my country is an indescribable emotion: I still remember the victory in Barcelona in 2006 and winning today in Valencia with this fantastic team, is amazing, especially when we are going through such a difficult time at the moment in Spain. It's nice that sport and I'm thinking of the wins for the national football team and Nadal, might be able to give people something to smile about. Stopping on the slowing down lap? I don't know what happened but it came at the right moment, because I was in front of the grandstands and I was able to celebrate with my fans! Sport always delivers the same lessons in that there are highs and lows and things change quickly. Yesterday we didn't make it to Q3 and today we have won: it means that we should never give up, right to the chequered flag. It's a nice present for everyone who has come from far away, maybe even sleeping in their cars and then staying in the grandstands in this torrid heat. At the start, it was not easy to make up places and I tried to delay the braking to the maximum at Turn 4, staying on the outside. Then I started to fight my way up and, after the Safety Car, I began to think a podium could be possible. Then I attacked Grosjean and managed to pass him, although I was worried that I might have sustained some damage when we touched. After two or three corners I realised everything was alright and I relaxed. When I went into the lead after Vettel retired, we were all hoping the tyres would last to the end. I was always talking to my engineer who told me I was running the same pace as those following me: in the end, there was not much left, but unlike Canada, the others were in the same situation. It was emotional being on the podium with Andrea Stella, because he has also worked with Michael and Kimi: he could celebrate in the best way possible a totally unexpected win, given our grid position. Thinking back to yesterday, what happened confirms there is still a lot of work to be done and we have to be honest about this, to ourselves and to our fans. We will do all we can to win this championship, but we still don't have the quickest car and we must push to reach this objective as quickly as possible."


30a. Vitória - GP da Alemanha 2012
Onde: Hockeimheim
Data: 22 de julho de 2012
Posição de largada: Pole Position
Pole Position Pódio: 1. Fernando Alonso 2.Jenson Button  3. Kimi Raikkonen
Resultado final: AQUI
Press Conference AQUI
O que Alonso falou após a vitória na Alemanha!?

Fernando Alonso (1st): "It was a very close race from start to finish. We did not have the quickest car. McLaren and Red Bull had a little bit extra but not enough to get past. The team took a few strategic decisions that were spot on, at the time of both stops and I knew that I had to concentrate, especially at Turn 6, defending my position by using the KERS. Then, in the third sector, there was no room for overtaking. I tried as much as possible to manage the tyres at all times. Clearly, I didn't have a moment to relax but I think I was calmer than the team in the garage and on the pit wall and our fans sitting in front of their televisions! If I think back to where we were in Jerez, or Australia at the first race, I have to thank everyone at Maranello for the fantastic way in which they reacted to the situation. After yesterday's pole, in the wet, the car seemed to be very strong, as we expected. We must keep focussed, avoid problems with reliability or with the pit stops and I know that when it comes to that, I can count on the best team, a team that is used to winning a lot. All I have to do is think about driving and helping the team. I always want to give 100% and work day and night towards this goal. I don't want anyone to come to Hungary better prepared than me, physically or mentally or more motivated than me and I always try and win this competition that runs alongside the one on the track. I expect to go well in Budapest and there is no reason to be pessimistic. However, I am not forgetting that Red Bull and McLaren were quicker. I said that the month of July would be crucial, with 75 points up for grabs in four weeks and so far we have brought home 43, so we will try and finish the job in Hungary." 



Tati em 2012: Vitórias!!!! 3 vitórias em uma temporada que se analisada pelo primeiro treino livre seria o maior fracasso da história. Mas aí que é que está... seria... seria se na Ferrari número 5 não houvesse um piloto chamado Fernando Alonso! Lindas vitórias, uma diferente da outra, sendo a mais emocionante, obviamente em Valência! E que venham mais... porque o TRI ainda é OUR GOAL!!! 

E assim, fecho esta parte das vitórias na SFA! Foram 30 conquistas, cada uma especial a seu modo... pena que hoje não tivemos mais uma para completar 31 pelos 31 anos do mocinho aniversariante! Mas o ano ainda não acabou... hehehehehe

Aos que acompanharam as postagens das vitórias, espero que tenham gostado! O trabalho foi enorme, mas acho que ficou legal! hehehe

Mais tarde eu volto com mais SFA!!!

Bjus, Tati


Fábio Mota disse…
Cada vitória com a sua história.

Na Malásia Alonso se colocou no lugar certo para a vitória cair em seu colo.

Em Valência, o espanhol foi na garra e genialidade buscar a vitória.

E na alemanha, um show do asturiano em todas as condições e situações possíveis.
Ciro disse…
Onde assino Fábio??
Julie disse…
Concordo plenamente, Fábio!!

Foram corridas memoráveis!! Relembrei meus melhores momentos da minha vida por aqui!

Gracias, Tati!

Victor Nunes disse…
Parabéns a todo blog octeto pela SFA (Semana Fernando Alonso)!!!! Sensacional, continuem assim garotas: Nota 10.

No final do ano, conquistando o TRI, vocês poderiam fazer um especial de três semanas, em cada delas referente a um título mundial do MAGIC ALONSO, com vídeos, fotos, entrevistas... Que tal?

Se quiserem ajuda, estou a disposição!
Ângela Lima disse…
Adorei relembrar as vitórias do Fernando.
SFA 2012... Perfeita!!!

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