Kimi German review and Hungarian preview

Coluna do Iceman pós corrida na Alemanha e pré-Hungria.

Kimi German review and Hungarian preview 

Who’ll stop the rain 

I have been in racing long enough to see all kinds of weather conditions coming and going quite quickly during the course of a Grand Prix weekend. But I still wonder, how come nowadays it always seem to rain on Saturday afternoons? 

The racing for the top positions is very tight right now. Obviously, it’s essential to qualify solidly on the two front rows. We have had the speed to qualify well, but, for some reason or another, we seemed to lack the grip on wet compared to our competitors. 

It was the case of wet Q3 in Silverstone, and it was the case of wet Q3 in Hockenheim. In Germany it was even worse. All in all it was not ideal for our car and so we missed the top positions in the grid, and that didn’t help to get the result we wanted from the race.

In Germany we qualified low to P10 and had to start from the fifth row. We gave everything we had in the race, but the gap to the leaders was too big after I stuck in the traffic in the early part of the race. 

The pace was there, for sure. The car has felt as good in every race. 

To gain P3 afterwards gave us the fourth podium of the season and 3 points more for the team, which is always important, but, to be honest, I would preferred to finish the race third on the circuit, not afterwards. 

Now we are heading for Hungary for the last weekend before the traditional summer break. It’s been a good place for me. It’s nice to see so many Finnish flags around the circuit, and, hopefully, we have finally a hot summer weekend to deal with. 

Obviously, the target is to qualify well to get a proper position to fight for the podium. In Hungaroring there is only that one line to follow. You need to be among the front runners to find a good rhythm for that long and physically very demanding race. 


Beijinhos, Ludy


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