"It’s a bit surprising to finish so far down"

Nico secured 17th place on the grid during qualifying for the German Grand Prix. "It’s a bit surprising to finish so far down in qualifying today, but unfortunately I couldn’t get the right temperatures in my first set of intermediate tyres in Q2 so I was a few seconds off the pace", said Nico after the rain-hit qualifying.

Nico was third fastest in the dry first qualifying session, where the top 17 were covered by less than one second. Rain began to fall at the start of Q2. "Yesterday I was quite confident in the wet and in the dry so it is frustrating, especially on top of the gearbox penalty", Nico continued. "But I will still hope to score some points tomorrow because a lot is possible in the races this year. I will definitely push a lot in front of all our fans here." (Quote vy Mercedes GP)

Posso cortar os pulsos, Nico?? Já agendei a benzedeira e o banho de ervas e sal grosso, alemão. POxa! Sem condições o treino de hoje.

Amanhã vai ser assim: engavetamento tipo Spa 1998 com mais da metade do grid fora e Nico não vai tocar em ninguém e pular lá na frente. Ultrapassa um ou dois e vence a corrida para glória estrelada! Oktoberfest começa mais cedo na Alemanha. Uhu!!

By Lu


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