Friday in Silverstone – Catch Up With Kimi

Friday in Silverstone – Catch Up With Kimi

Adverse weather conditions forced the Iceman to remain frozen in the garage for the majority of the first days’ running here at Silverstone, but the 2007 World Champion still managed to gain some useful knowledge of the new track layout in preparation for qualifying tomorrow… 

How was it out there today?
It was wet. It’s a shame we don’t have more wet tyres to be able to get more track time, but if it’s going to rain for the whole weekend then everybody tries to save their allocation. We were able to test certain things so it wasn’t a total waste of time. It was interesting to see the new section of the track; it’s only a few corners so it doesn’t make too much difference to a lap. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be a bit better. Even if it is wet again, everyone will go out in practice and in qualifying so we should see a drier line emerge. When there are only a couple of cars running this doesn’t happen and there’s much more chance of aquaplaning, but with everyone out there it should be much better.

How’s the car feeling?
We have to still find some setup improvements to get 100% happy, but when the weather is like it was today it’s not so easy to improve the car as the weather can change, or you can have a small issue. You just have to be patient and work on the small details and hope for the best results you can get.

With the conditions as they were today, how useful was the running? 
We only did a few timed laps so we didn’t really change too much on the car. We’ll have to see how it looks tomorrow when we get some more laps. There’s not too much point in changing a lot on a wet Friday as you don’t know exactly how the weather is going to be on the Saturday and that’s when it’s important for qualifying.

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Como estava o tempo hoje? Estava molhado!!! kkkkkk.... Pronto, não vou comentar mais nada desta entrevista! Kimi realmente gosta de fazer estas coisas, só pode! rsrsrs

Beijinhos, Ludy


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