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Fico feliz que Saward esteja vendo a mesma coisa que eu. #Alívio

"Silly is the season…" by Joe Saward 

Elsewhere in the paddock there are mumblings about Kimi Raikkonen and the Lotus F1 Team.The suggestion is that they are not getting along very well. I disagree. Yes, Kimi is different to handle than most drivers and it is good if he is happy in his work. At the moment he is not 100 percent happy with his car, which is not a surprise given that the rookie Romain Grosjean is going faster than him. However, at the moment Raikkonen is sixth in the World Championship, with 55 points; Grosjean is seventh with 53. They are both ahead of Jenson Button and are the two best-placed drivers not to have won a race so far. It seems quite likely that the team will win a race sooner or later and there has been a fair bit of disappointment thus far. Bear in mind too that Lotus is stonking along in third place in the Constructors’ Championship, ahead of Ferrari and Mercedes, both of which are (effectively) one car teams at the moment as Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa have both underperformed in terms of puttings points on the board. 

The tittle-tattle all seems to emanate from comments made in Montreal by Jacques Villeneuve, who thinks that the Lotus is a great car and with a top driver it would be leading the championship. It is an interesting reflection, but then again the definition of a top driver is also a matter of opinion. When all is said and done top drivers are decided upon by their points scores… 

It is true that Kimi has not been happy with the steering of the Lotus and that there is still a certain amount of sharp-edge knocking needed to get the relationship smooth, but one cannot fault what Kimi has achieved thus far. Maybe he does not have the raw speed that once he did, but he knows that winning championships is about scoring points and he is doing that very well.

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