Kimi Monaco GP review

A coluna de Kimi pós-GP de Mônaco para vocês. E hoje estou estilo Kimi Räikkönen, de poucas palavras. Odiei a corrida de Mônaco e não tenho o que comentar.

Kimi Monaco GP review: The Loco-Motion 

Monaco is now just a distant memory and everything is charged for Canada. It was a weekend I won't count among the good ones for me. Well, that's racing. Some races are good, some are not that good. 

Obviously, I knew what was coming on, while we missed the dry training on Thursday. We tried something new, it didn't work out well and that was the reason we have to go back and change almost the whole front end of the car before starting the practise runs. 

In Monaco all the laps are so important to get the car right. After missing FP1 we were behind the others all way long. It was a painful, of course. Not being able to qualify at your best, it hurts the most while you race in Monaco. 

Still I expected to be in TOP5. I had one a betterish lap, but then I locked up the tyre in the second part of the Swimming Pool area, and we lost some places there. Then it was P8 in the grid. It was like a ticket to a train, while not being in the front, means usually 'doing the loco-motion' in the race. 

The start was not that bad, but I ended up behind Vettel and Ferraris in P7. For a while I was faster, but in Monaco that doesn't help you a bit to improve your position - without huge errors from the guys in front of you. 

Obviously, all of us expected the rain to fall. Lap by lap the supersoft tyres started to drop off, but being aware of the possibility of the water coming down, we waited a while, and then we really started to struggle with the temperatures of the breaks and with the lost grip of the tyres. 

Finally we decided not to wait anymore, stopped and after that it was just a matter of finishing the race. At least a couple of teams had their problems and we managed to get back in points. I can assure that coming home in P9 and getting two points by doing that, didn't feel bad at all. 

This season is about to be consistent and clinching points every time. While having a bad race and still getting a couple of points, is better than nothing. Who knows how important points these two will be in the end of the season? 



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