Kimi Canadian GP review: Spinning wheel

A coluna do Iceman depois do Candá só saiu agora. Segue para vocês.

Já comentei tudo o que achava sobre este GP, e Kimi só resumiu o que penso, frustrante.

Kimi Canadian GP review 

Spinning wheel 

To finish eighth was not, what we were looking for in Canada. But if you start from P12 and gain four places before coming to the chequared flag, you didn¹t waste the whole afternoon for nothing. 

Obviously, we would have needed a more normal weekend. It all went wrong on Saturday. The car was OK in the morning practise and we were expecting to fight for a place in the top 5 of the grid. 

The issue with the hydraulics gave some signs already on Friday. Then it came back during the qualifying session. The differential was not working properly, and, for sure, that's bad with the wheel spin, while you have to get everything together in one lap in Q2. 

We tried, but lost a little bit to qualify further, and that was position 12 in the grid. It's not as bad as it would have been in Monaco, but close, enough. It's a shame to know it now afterwards. 

The circuit has the straights, but the DRS zone was not the whole straight. It's not a simple place to overtake. That's how people were stuck behind the slower car and you just cannot do enough to improve your position. 

We raced against Rosberg, and lost the position there with the pit stops. We would have needed to gain 1-2 seconds somewhere to do better after our pit stop. Now we didn't have that second and I felt every time somebody came back from the pits, he just got in front of us. 

Obviously, that was frustrating to experience, but that's how it goes sometimes in racing. It was not our day, that's for sure. After the pit stops I tried a couple of times the overtake Webber, but the Red Bull was extremely quick exiting the corner and I just could not get close enough in that straight. 

Well, we finished again and got some valuable points. Although we were not that happy with the race, the team had a real nice time and Romain got a fine podium finish. Obviously, I would have needed to be in Q3, too, to have a chance to get better result, as well. 

Now we return to Europe. The car showed the potential is still there. Let¹s wait and see, how the weekend goes in Valencia. We can improve, and that is an encouraging starting point!



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