Kimi and his Ice One Racing Motocross team in Sweden

Slippery qualifying in Uddevalla 

Motocross World Championship ninth GP is being raced on the hard packed sandy track in Uddevalla, Sweden. The surface fitting for ICE1RACING riders built the expectations for the qualifying race, but bad luck molded the results - Marc de Reuver qualified 18th and Santtu Tiainen 24th. ICE1RACING team owner Kimi Räikkönen was also watching the race. 

The ninth motocross GP is being raced this weekend in Uddevalla Sweden, where ICE1RACING riders Santtu Tiainen and Dean Ferris’s substituting rider for the rest of the season Marc de Reuver were able to race in familiar conditions on a hard packed sandy track. Both riders favor sandy tracks, which built the expectations high for the motos this weekend. 

"The track is very fast, hard packed turns and some perms. All in all a very diverse track that builds into big ruts. Yet the surface is familiar from home and the time differences are small”, described Santtu Tiainen the Uddevalla track after his training rounds. 

Variable weather conditions and heavy showers watered the track after the time trials. The Dutch rider Marc de Reuver didn’t mind the rain “The rain only makes the track muddy and that suits for me.” 

The qualifying race itself was raced in dry conditions, but the wet track affected both of the riders. The first round for Tiainen was bad in many ways, yet the young Finn was able to fight back from the second last position to 24th during the short qualifying race. Marc de Reuver on the other hand struggled with the slippery track, fell four times during the race and finish 18th. 

First at the gate in tomorrow’s race will be Antonio Cairoli (KTM), second Evgeny Bobryshev (Honda) and third Clement Desalle (Suzuki). 

ICE1RACING team started the weekend with the videoing of the team presentation, which will be edited for the Sunday’s race on For the team picture along with the riders Tiainen, Ferris and de Reuver lined up also the team owner Kimi Räikkönen, who is following the GP weekend. 

"The season has been challenging. Ferris was able to improve race by race, yet unfortunately his injury forced the team to compose itself in the middle of the season. We were lucky to find a substitute when the season is half finished”, summed Räikkönen the start of the season. 

Dean Ferris, who injured his shoulder earlier in the month, was also following the race. “The rehab starts immediately, although in the start I need be patient. I will spend two more weeks in Swede. My mother is Swedish, so I will be visiting family and friends. In August I will return back to Australia. By that time my shoulder will be good enough to start my preparations for the season ahead”, commented Ferris his plans for the next few months.

Kimi - the boss - and his team
 Fonte: / Ice One Racing (Facebook Group)

O chefe foi ver os pupilos competirem este fim de semana! :) Acho o máximo Kimi ter uma equipe de motocross!!!

Beijinhos, Ludy


Tereza disse…
Ótimo post Ludy, eu nem sabia que ele tinha/patrocinava uma equipe de motocross.
Anônimo disse…
Acho o máximo ² !! A Ice One Racing é a cara dele mesmo..só que ele parece mais um integrante do que o Chefe..kkkkkkk Adoro esse estilo do Kimi todo "garotão" !! kkkkkkk Dá pra ver que ele tem maior orgulho dessa equipe dele ai. The Boss mais TUDO do mundo! hehehe [ Aninha]
Ele criou esta equipe no final de 2010 para poder ter também a sua equipe de rali em 2011, Tereza.



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