Like racing with rally car through the woods

Like racing with rally car through the woods

Kimi Raikkonen isn't a whit nervous because of the challenge Monaco. But the right setup would make life easier.

Motorsport - Despite two years of Monaco break Kimi Raikkonen looks with confidence to the next Grand Prix. "I think there is not much different than racing with a rally car through the woods. Maybe I'm wrong, we'll know more tomorrow," Raikkonen joked. The Finn is well aware that Monaco is not just any course. "The track is a big challenge for a driver. You get no second chance if you make a mistake, you pay for it immediately," said the Finn.

The correct setup would make life much easier in Monaco. "I will try to approach the track lap after lap. You have to set-up the car correctly here, because you can lose a lot of time in the slow corners," says Raikkonen. Last year the slow corners were a big problem for Lotus. "Lotus went a different way than the rest in the design of the car. This lead to the car not beeing good in the slow corners. This year it is hopefully different" said the Finn. 

After a second and a third place, he is targeting the first win. "We're trying to win every race and even here in Monaco. But if it does not work, if we are not fast enough, then so be it," said Raikkonen. In the previous races, Lotus had simply not the necessary speed or he himself had made mistakes. Luck does not matter for Raikkonen in regard to the first victory. "You have to make for your own luck. It's up to me to make the car faster. I think we are still not at the limit of speed," said the Finn. 

Because the field is currently so close together, each and every mistake is punished harder. Nevertheless, the Lotus driver draws a positive balance. "I think we have got out the maximum of the first five races. Certainly, you always want more and if someone finish in fornt of you, then you know that something is missing, so you will never be really happy," said Raikkonen.

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rsrsrs... Boa comparação Kimi. Vai ver é mesmo! Andar no limite em Mônaco, tomando todo o cuidado do mundo para não beliscar os guardrails, não é muito diferente do que competir de rali no meio da floresta em meio às árvores. E você sabem bem disto né Iceman?! rsrsrs

Kimi está bem humorado!!!! :)

Beijinhos, Ludy


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