Kimi's James Hunt Helmet at the Monaco GP

Kimi's James Hunt Helmet at the Monaco GP 

Opposed to the usual bling and glam associated with Monte Carlo, Kimi Raikkonen wore a retro James Hunt helmet in Monaco this weekend. But James who? here is a little info-dosage for those wondering who Hunt is: 

James Hunt (1947– 1993) was a British racing driver from England who won the Formula 1 World Championship in 1976. Hunt’s often action packed exploits on track earned him the nickname “Hunt the Shunt.” After retiring from driving, Hunt became a media commentator and businessman. Never one to take himself too seriously, Hunt endeared himself to the British public with his charisma and charm and in the process brought a whole new fanbase to the sport of Formula One. 

In early 2007, Kimi Räikkönen entered and won a snowmobile race in his native Finland under the name James Hunt. Räikkönen has openly admired the lifestyles of 1970s race car drivers such as Hunt. The fact that he chose Hunt’s name – a former world champion and renowned party animal – looked like a window into the real, fun-loving personality he keeps hidden behind the dull, monotonous front we’re used to seeing. 

Raikkonen: “My friends and I had always joked about [entering a race as 'James Hunt']… My life would definitely have been much easier in the 1970s. I was definitely born in the wrong era.” Hunt had talent to throw away as well, and famously was the life and soul of the party – although that lifestyle did get the better of him at times. 

In 2007, Kimi also participated in a motorboat race in his home country. Kimi and his friends appeared on a boat in gorilla outfits. The James Hunt name was put in the Gorilla crew’s name list. Asked about the episode, Raikkonen smiled enigmatically: “Yeah, but was it really me?” he replied. “You don’t know. 

Fonte: Kimi Räikkönen newsletter from the Official Fan Club

Recebi via e-mail e estou compartilhando com vocês. Adoro ler as histórias que ligam Kimi e sua admiração por Hunt. Muito bom!!!! :)

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