Passion Day + Test session: 30.04 - 03.05

Ferrari fever at Mugello 

Next week, Formula 1 will be back in action at one of the most beautiful race tracks in Europe, Mugello. The circuit in Tuscany will host the fourth and final test session on the calendar, as agreed by the teams for 2012, not counting the three day young driver test later in the year. From 1 to 3 May, all twelve teams entered in the World Championship will be present. Scuderia Ferrari will run Fernando Alonso on the Tuesday and Thursday, with Felipe Massa at the wheel on Wednesday. It will be the first time since 2007 that more than one team has tested at the same time at the facility which is actually owned by Ferrari. From 24 to 26 July, Toro Rosso tested alongside the Maranello squad. The last time an English team came to Tuscany was from 26 to 28 April 2005, when apart from the home team and the Minardi squad, the Honda-powered BAR team was present. The three day test will be preceded by the Passion Day, an event aimed at all Ferrari fans. 

 On 30 April, Scuderia Ferrari Club members will be able to quiz the Maranello drivers, race in karts on the Mugellino track, to try their hand in the Ferrari Virtual Academy simulator as well as seeing how they fare in carrying out a pit stop on a real Ferrari Formula 1 car. The event is also open to those who are not yet members of the SFC: just go to the circuit ticket booths to join the Maranello Club. A lot of fans are also expected for the test, given that the first day is the 1st May holiday. In presales, general admission costs 21.5 Euro (11.5 Concessions,) for the Central/Biondetti Silver Grandstand, 42 Euro (Concessions 21.5) while the cost of the Central Bronz is 31.5 Euro (16.5 Concessions.)

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