Robertsons took the back seat

Robertsons took the back seat

F1 | Turun Sanomat 14:31

David and Steve Robertson have withdrawn more and more to the background from their manager work after Kimi switched back to F1 from rally.

Their co-operation has not ended because Räikkönen will always get help in contract negotiations from Robertsons whenever he needs it.

– We came to the end of one road at the end of year 2009. Kimi didn't need our services in rallying and to be honest I can say that we aren't any rally-fans. It's strange to us since we know F1 inside and out, Steve Robertson tells.

– When Kimi wanted back to the F1-tracks he turned for our help in getting a contract. We worked for a few months and in the end Kimi got the contract he wanted.

– Although Kimi is driving in F1 again we aren't working in a daily manager-relationship and go to his every race.

– I have known Kimi for 11-12 years and he has become really close to me and David. When Kimi asks for help he knows that we are always ready to give it to him, Robertson said.

Enthusiasm for F1 will never die

– I'm an eternal F1-fan. Even though Kimi didn't drive there anymore I still followed it as closely as before and read everyday what they wrote on Autosport's website. That will never change.

– But now that Kimi is in again we talk about sport on a regular basis and at least when it comes to Kimi I have information that comes completely from the inside circle, Robertson said.

Robertsons live in Dubai

– We have our own business in Dubai. In addition to that I also have a young family and don't want to stay away from them all the time.

Of course Robertson promises to go to a few races. As a F1-fan he is delighted that Räikkönen is back.

– I was happy when we got Kimi back to the royal class of motorsport where he genuinely belongs to. There has been so much BS that Kimi would at some point have had some problems with motivation. The truth is that Kimi decided to come back for one reason only - because he is very motivated to race in F1!

Robertson already waits with anticipation for Lotus-team's first GP.

– It was a good team in 2010 and last year also started well until the result-level crashed. When the team took Kimi as their driver they showed to outsiders that they want to succeed. I think that Kimi and Romain Grosjean are a good driver combination. By changing the drivers the team showed that they were not satisfied with their last year's level and wanted to take a leap back to the big teams, Robertson says.

Turun Sanomat, Dubai


Fonte: Turun Sanomat/ Tradução para o Inglês: Nicole

Ficou meio óbvio que David e Steve haviam se afastado do gerenciamento da carreira de Kimi no rally e entendo a situação. O que importa é que eles estão lá por Kimi quando ele precisa, que sabem o que Räikkönen quer e como ele quer. Na verdade, a relação já não é de empresário-cliente há anos, é de amigo, de família.

O mais engraçado do texto é Steve assumindo que não gosta de rally. Como se precisasse dizer né Steve?! Eu bem lembro!!! kkkk...

Beijinhos, Ludy


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