Lotus won't let Kimi on rally paths

Lotus won't let Kimi on rally paths

26.01.2012 17:25

In rally Kimi Räikkönen went to ditches but also flashed his speed.

He didn't achieve the sharpest top which wasn't any big surprise. Mikko Hirvonen for example stated when Räikkönen's rally-career began that Kimi can't get in the topspeed just by snapping fingers, because he lacked the required experience of the roads and driving to notes.

People took Räikkönen's adventure in WRC a little bit too seriously. Of course Räikkönen drove at times with a goal, however rally became a hobby for him. Still a part of those following Räikkönen also expected podium positions from him in rally too.

– I never wanted to try rally as anything else than just a hobby. I didn't have much expectations. At times I drove in the forest and the ditch but I'm still satisfied with my achievements in rally.

– I paid myself for my hobby. Hence I could decide myself if I would go to some rally or not. I didn't want to take it too seriously, Räikkönen said.

Despite his F1-comeback Räikkönen is still a passionate rally man.

– If I could continue driving rally at the same time as racing in F1, then I would do so. However now I have to wait for a while until driving rally again.

Lotus has bad experiences of their driver's rallying hobby, hence Räikkönen has to control his passion. Robert Kubica's accident is fresh in the memory.

– The team is now quite on guard with these things. But the same seems to happen in other teams also, Räikkönen thought.

Fonte: MTV3/Tradução para o Inglês: Nicole

Desta vez, tenho que concordar com a Lotus. Por tudo o que aconteceu com Kubica, em especial.

Se a hora de curtir o rali novamente aparecer, que ele aproveite, mas por agora, vamos ficar quietinhos só na F1 né Kimi?! rsrsrs

Beijinhos, Ludy


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