"In F1 everything can change damn quickly"

"In F1 everything can change damn quickly"

26.01.2012 17:14

They have speculated with Kimi Räikkönen's comeback to F1 ever since he left the serie in 2009. Yet part of the audience was astonished when the comeback with Lotus was finally confirmed.

They pondered why a WDC makes a contract with a team that according to preliminary estimations has no chance of fighting for victories.

However the decision to come back was very Räikkö-ish. He is used to making his own decisions without caring what others think. And now Räikkönen felt like going back to F1.

– Now was a good chance to drive in F1 again, he said on Thursday.

– The coolest thing about the comeback is when getting to race against the others.

Räikkönen assures that his motivation is top class.

– I have never had any problems with motivation. Still many seem to color that matter.

It has been speculated that the Lotus-seat would only be a temporary seat for Räikkönen on his way up to the top teams. Räikkönen doesn't admit or deny this. According to him the Lotus-deal is "in principle 2-years".

– I don't have any long-term plans. Lets see how it goes with Lotus. But in F1 everything can change damn quickly, he said.

Fonte: MTV3/Tradução para o Inglês: Nicole

"Eu nunca tive problemas com motivação. Ainda assim, muitos gostam de enfatizar esta questão." Será que eu preciso dizer o que penso sobre este comentário de Kimi?! Claro que não né?! Concordo plenamente contigo, Iceman!

Beijinhos, Ludy


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