Iltalehti grilled Kimi Räikkönen

Iltalehti grilled Kimi Räikkönen

1. Kimi, what's on your mind?

- Nothing. Ask something for God's sake since you have come all the way here.

2. What do you expect from the next tests?

- Difficult to say. We'll see then what the new car is like. I don't think that it's terribly different. I don't know about the tyres. They say that they have changed a bit.

3. What kind of season would you yourself be satisfied with?

- I haven't really thought anything concrete. I see in the tests what the car is like and how good it is. That decides. How it feels, that's a thing you notice right from the first test. At least I have noticed it immediately earlier.

4. You are used to really big teams during your F1-career. Does it show in the operation of Lotus that it's slightly smaller than McLaren and Ferrari?

- No, it's just the same. We have all the same equipment here and hence we also have a chance to make a good car. The same gang who earlier won championships is still here. And physically the team is located in the same place. Maybe it's smaller in the sense that Lotus doesn't have a car factory behind them like Mercedes or Ferrari had.

What does Räikkönen think about the sport's dangers? Then what is Räikkönen's relationship to alcohol? Read all answers to these questions and to several other Kimi-questions in Friday's Iltalehti!

Fonte:ção para o Inglês: Nicole

Okay, quero muito ler esta entrevista. Eles publicaram só este pouquinho no site deles para deixar a gente curioso! rsrsrs

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